The Foodie Review: Week Ending 10/23/20


There's a new wing joint in town and so far, so really good! It's apparently a chain so see if there's one near you: WINGS OVER...well in my case, WINGS OVER KNOXVILLE! Another new joint down in the UT campus area, which no doubt will do well given good wings and good tenders. We got the combo meals which gave us 3 tenders, 6 wings and a ton of waffle fries, plus a drink!  While it was a tad pricey at $14.99, they did give you a ton of food so in the end I'm not complaining at all. I opted for the Spicy Lemon Pepper seasoning on the tenders just to give it a shot since I'm not into hot stuff, and Lemon Pepper for the wings. Erik opted for the Jamaican Jerk flavoring across the board. We both downed out dinners with gusto, the woman who ordered was wonderful and the same for the lady who delivered. The wings were big and super flavorful which was great. There blue cheese was a bit overpowered by the wing flavors, but hey I enjoyed the flavors but will forgo the Spicy next time as it's a slow build burn and even that gets on my nerves. Still we recommend them as they got the order 100% right and both Erik and I have not yet complained of heartburn (yet). LOL.




It's not confirmed. But the sense of smell...completely gone. My sense of taste. Null. I feel run down. I had a slight fever. I have no cough. But shortness of breath. What do you do when covid comes to town? You worry. For sure you worry. You call the doctor and they ask you to keep them posted at every level and stage. However the absolute worst thing in the world is not being able to taste anything. Nothing. I'm not saying when this happened, but it was not the same week as the above taste test occurred. However I'm terrified because I've read that this can sometimes be a permanent situation or at least affect your sense of taste and smell for longer than the disease is inside of you. In the end, I just want everything back to normal. I worry about those who get this and it takes a very bad turn. I worry about those who've died, but in my small world. I worry about my taste and smell. God willing it doesn't get worse symptom wise, but right now to say it doesn't turn your world upside down even a little bit is putting it mildly. Just send some good vibes and healing thoughts and thank you for caring at all.  2020 what is next? Wait I take that back.



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