The Foodie Review = Week Ending 10/3/20

AKA: Casseroles and Caveats (When One of You Isn't a Casserole-Person)

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I have always looked at casseroles as comfort foods in the fall and the winter. I love them. The ooey gooey, savory creations have been staples of my childhood years and I prefer them for ease and simplicity during busy life. They also typically are super budget friendly.

However, Erik is my significant other. He ISN'T a casserole person. His family is into smoked meats and barbeques...and his mother often told him that a casserole isn't cooking saying "It's just something that you throw together hoping that it works out." So imagine his chagrin when I asked him on one of my busy days to whip up the casserole recipe I chose for this week. "Ugh...really?"

Yes, really.

In the meantime, he followed through. He told me that my chicken noodle bake would have been far better if I had opted for fresh ingredients rather than all pre-packaged prepared items. Ok, I will give him this. I opted for this casserole to include frozen diced grilled chicken and peas from Kroger as well as a casserole staple Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup. We amped it up a bit by adding panko breadcrumbs to get the crumbly goodness I wanted and get it browned. fell flat. I wasn't the kick of the comfort I was wanting and I think I know why.

Here's the recipe we used:

First off...I think we should have bit the bullet and seasoned and cooked our own chicken breasts and diced the meat. That would have added instant flavor. In addition there was no addition of added herbs or even salt/pepper which even being a white-girl knows we under season our food sometimes realized upon first bite that this was b-l-a-n-d. However, nothing ventured and nothing gained and we did gain a lot of knowledge as well as a new task for this month.

Find some casseroles that will turn Erik into a CASSEROLE person...without caveats.#challengeaccepted


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