The Foodie Review = Week Ending 09/26/20


I've decided to make this more of an open format blog adventure and not feel like I have to "fail" anything per se. So instead I'll focus on the week of culinary adventures in my household. First of all, the two recipes I picked out to try were knock out of the ballpark AMAZING (links are above to the recipes). Seriously, they both were just sensational and the shrimp scampi was even better on day 2.

However a word of, ahem...warning. Look, I'm just going to be real. I've been cooking A LOT lately. I've also discovered how much I use garlic in the meals I cook. I LOVE GARLIC. However...if you eat a LOT of garlic (as I have been doing)...your ahem, smelly bits may begin to smell like...GARLIC. Seriously, I was starting to worry that the garlic smell was just imbedded in the air, then I realized it was like "following me around" and I finally came to terms that the garlic smell was coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE (using my body as a metaphor for a house). Cancel your subscription to HBO MAX ya'll, no amount of True Blood will bring the vampires near this woman. Good lord. Literally...shower and powder and perfume? Just smells like garlicy fragrancey nonsense.

So doing everything in my power to return my "areas" to a stasis point where the smell was more "natural" I have since started a garlic-free cleanse this week in an attempt to get the cloves out of of the folds of my skin. So far so good, though every time I look up another recipe I notice the ones I'm most attracted to feature...GARLIC. So I need to find some great recipe replacements and get my garlic intake down to once or twice a week. Because frankly while I love garlic I don't love asking people who love and care about me to snuggle up to an Olive Garden.

When you're here, your family.

Lord help me.


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