The Foodie Review = The Week Ending 09/19/20


I have to give mad-props to Aldi (once again I know), for having the best deal on family sized skinless and boneless chicken breasts (and let me tell you these chickens are quite ample birds). It's less than 10 dollars and I end up getting between 5-6 breasts in a package which equals 2 meals out of one package. You cannot complain about that at all. In fact this lead's me to the second FIND of the week foodie-wise.

My second find is this recipe for CREAMY TUSCAN CHICKEN I found on the website! It was incredible, now sadly my sauce didn't yield a sumptuous vodka/tomato sauce coloring as you'll note in the video on the delish website; and I'm pretty sure it's because I had a lot of browning on the chicken and the butter browned a bit as well. However, it did not ruin this dish - just gave me more excitement for making it again and perfecting it next time. Plus, I will 100% agree with the need to have some crusty Italian bread on hand because the sauce is uber soppable and you'll want to get every last drop. Here's my finished dish. <3 Oh and if you have some big breasts (chicken that is), like I did for this recipe you'll want to cook them more than the recommendation. OH and finally...the sauce on the pasta is insanely good on day two, WOAH.


My first fail is me not remembering when you put your pan in the oven to cook chicken a bit more and going to grab the handle when you put it back on the stove top. All memories of yourself as a child in your parents kitchen will come flooding back to you as the pain of the heat sears your palm. Thankfully my reflexes are still quick (even though I'm not), and I came away without a blister or otherwise.

My second fail isn't really a fail on the part of a restaurant or a brand. It's our mistake and that fail is miscalculating how large the order of Potato Oles are when you order a combination meal from Taco Johns. I've never heard of Taco John's before but since I traverse up to Morristown weekly to teach for my dearest friend Anna at MVMT Performing Arts studio, I have come to seek out food options I cannot find in Knoxville. Hence, TACO JOHNS! This is apparently a chain restaurant, and their food is quite good and dare I say I actually liked it more than Taco Bell. However I assumed the sides of potatoes you get with your meals were small like most fries/nacho sides so we doubled down and ordered an extra large potato ole to share. Well...the size you get with the meals are large...and those potatoes are DELICIOUSLY seasoned but FILLING as HELL! So, trust that you'll be well fed and stick with the already assigned side of potato oles provided in your meal. You won't regret it.


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