The Foodie Review = Week Ending 09/12/20


Kroger's Flat Iron Steak is da bomb! I am in desperate desire to try one of the local actual butcher shops but I'm seriously ballin' on the food budget game so while I have a deep want to become a customer of Willy's Butcher Shop or Hen Hoc in our fair and scruffy city of Knoxville, I'll have to make due for now with Kroger and Aldi my main choices for groceries these days. When I do the weekly menu planning I like to include a very diverse palate of meats for the week and I love to include steak once a week because it's a pure love of mine. I had planned to get a non-seasoned ribeye from Kroger's this week, but then remembered that they MAY have my all time favorite cut that ranks just above the sumptuous ribeye....a FLAT IRON steak!?!? I would go on click list and see if it was an option, and blessed be it was! $12.00 later I was the proud owner of a beautiful steak and couldn't wait to cook it up.

I followed the instructions that Alton Brown gave us in the ribeye episode as discussed in a previous blog post and it fit the bill just fine for this gorgeous piece of meat. I currently rank my steak cuts in this order:

  1. Flat Iron Steak
  2. Ribeye Steak
  3. London Broil
  4. Filet Mignon
  5. Flank Steak
And after the glorious forkful passed over my lips this weekend I was proud to re-state that ranking. So, if you've never cooked up this glorious beef cut, give it a will NOT be disappointed.


Lender's Onion Bagels ain't what they used to be. I remember a time when Lender's bagels were sold in the freezer section and were smaller but still just as good. In fact, my favorite of the Lender's bagels was their onion bagel because it had the onion flavor without the onion pieces or bits. Still pop it in the toaster and butter it up, it had a great buttery onion kick that would get any kid moving in the morning and keep the boys far away from your breath. Fast forward to the Lender's Onion Bagel of today. First of all, it's found in the breads section and no where near the frozen foods. It's larger which I am not complaining about, but they still cut them weird so there's always half of a half of your bagel needing to be fished out of the toaster. Plus I don't know if it's because I'm aging and my tastebuds are failing me but the flavor just isn't as potent. There's no kick anymore. Regardless, I will still eat the heck out of em...I just think a lot like memories of youth, everything seems to be much more vivid back then.


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